FGM: a costly, organised criminal offenses against women and ladies

Despite the physical disasters of FGM, how come it prevail? Hilary Burrage explains how often women are left with the worst of choices in the world’s poorest neighborhoods
A ‘bride price’ can guarantee monetary survival, with FGM the brutal ‘pre-nup’.
A ‘bride price’ can guarantee monetary survival, with FGM the brutal ‘pre-nup’. Photograph: Alamy

Hilary Burrage

Wednesday 13 April 2016 16. 11 BST
Previous modified on Thursday 13 April 2016 07. twenty four BST

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Female penile mutilation (FGM) is big business. It’s trans-global and sometimes organised by centuries-old formal agencies, on a for-profit basis. Like most other efficient businesses, it markets itself as in the interest of the buyer, into whose lifestyle targets it is firmly stuck.

These observations imply no disrespect for the enormous suffering which FGM triggers. Across the globe there are probably 200 mil women and girls now alive who have experienced (and survived) FGM.
Somalia enlists Irish FGM campaigner to rid country of practice
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Blades are often paid. Till recently practically all excisors were medically untrained, but increasingly, excision is taken on by qualified clinicians, providing FGM in the sight of some, a veneer of respectability. The soil Health Organisation regards the medicalisation of FGM as the greatest threat to its final eradication.

FGM boosts low-paid medical workers’ incomes, and attracts congrats and power for traditional excisors in communities where other high-status work is hard to research.

Why religious leaders are crazy in the fight to end Finally girls matter

While someone who comes from a very conservative Muslim household, one of my biggest struggles has recently been trying understand the hyperlink between Female Genital Escarre (FGM) and Islam. My own dad is an Vorbeter and growing up My spouse and i always heard my family refer to FGM as sunna. Even though sunna is not an requirement, it is a preferred action in Islam.
How a Gambia banned female penile mutilation
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Previous year I sat down with Imam Fatty, the former imam of the State House Mosque that has strongly advocated FGM in the Gambia.

Although we did not agree on the majority of issues around FGM, it was an important moment when the renowned hardliner accepted to me that FGM is not a faith based obligation.

It was a huge step forward for the campaign. In the history few months we’ve experienced previously unthinkable modifications in our approach to FGM in the Gambia. In November the country’s Chief executive Jammeh opted for ban the practice as then we have been working backstage to be sure that this regulation is absolutely used to protect the rights and lives of young women from FGM.

Yetunde Ogunnubi: Her world of fashion, PR and marketing

— 11th September 2016

Super Sunday

By Enyeribe Ejiogu
(enyeribee@yahoo. com)
Yetty Ogunnubi’s elegance will definitely knock you over, when you meet her the first time. Her animation strikes you in such a way you can’t deny. Little surprise therefore she made a perfect success of the gross annual Yetty D Vogue Show in London, which she launched 14 years ago. In the course of organizing the gross annual event, she learnt the essence and great things about general public relations and effective sales and marketing communications in building the and personality of brands. Yetty D, as she actually is known to family and friends, has had the capacity to remarkably extend that knowledge into expertise and creatively flipped the designs of the many clients her firm, YD Agency, has handled into roaring success stories.
With this interview, she gives all of us a peep into the future of YD Company in Nigeria.

Tell all of us a lttle bit about Yetunde Ogunnubi?
To my family and friends, I am known by the pet name, Yetty or Yetty Deb. I come from a family of creative individuals. My parents are into the art business, so you know that the creative spirit runs in the family. I have three brothers and i also am the only girl. I use always recently been an independent child. I actually recall telling my parents which i wanted to are in the boarding house when I was just seven years, although that was because I had elderly cousins in that university. Therefore i left Grace Kids School and went to Mayflower College in Ikenne.
I am a professional in the Fashion and Art Industry. With over 14 years work experience, I am an industrious, analytical and target-driven specific with comprehensive training and hands-on experience in fashion, art and food business operations, who is in a position to go to great extents in order to achieve results an excellent source of standard. The steady feedback from clients, fellow workers, and teams all through my career shows that I have a proven thirst for excellence in projects, giving meticulous attention both to details and agreed time frame for completion of responsibilities. Allow me add that the Yetty D Agency offers with brand management and public relations.

When performed you come into the general public relations and communications business?
Well, I got into the business accidentally, in London when my sticker, Yetty D, which started out about 14 years before, started out holding the gross annual fashion event, ‘Yetty Deb Fashion Show. I started out the fashion show to promote my label as well as other fashion labels and artists. We handled the Public relationships, branding and promotion me personally and both projects (my label and the fashion event) were successful. Because a creative person, We are always particular about projecting the right image with respect to printing. Whilst promoting my packaging and the method show I actually started dealing with other brands to give them the right visibility, though I did so so behind the picture.

Downturn: How Nigeria slipped into clutter

— 11th Sept. 2010 2016

By ex-NBA director

By Chidi Obineche

Previous president of the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA and acclaimed pro-democracy activist Medical professional Olisa Agbakoba tells of the magic wand that will pull the country from the economical woods by the midst of 2017. The ocean going lawyer, who is also a graduate of the London School of Economics, speaks on those who caused the downturn among other economical and manifold issues. Excerpts.

What is their personal diagnosis of the place’s slump into economical economic depression?
We certainly have this complicated, native to the island, malignant, metabolic economical economic depression. To know that, and proffer strategies to it; the one biggest culprit in our present predicament are definitely the banking companies. During the great depressive disorder in the us, banks were occupied speculating and trading. Although, the president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, got the Our elected representatives to a law – the Glass- Stegall Financial Act, directing banks not to speculate or transact, but lend. This purely restricted what banks can do.
As to the extent are the policies of obama administration complementary to the problem? Just how can the nation draw out of the economic depression?
This morning, ( Tues, September 7, 2016) the Special Assistant to the Central Bank governor in the policy speech on Channels Television was speaking as though he is the managing director of the financial institution. They are investing in Agriculture; they are producing rice, they are really doing this and that. I said, what is this man talking about? The job of a commercial bank is to lend. But if an individual regulate; even in your own job, if you don’t control any profession, it will go haywire. So the challenge with the Central Lender of Nigeria, CBN is that it must have more cohesion in control. In the UK, their own central bank; the financial institution of England created a special supervision agency called the Prudential Regulatory Expert. That may be all they do. You may wonder that all the money that the CBN pumps into the system – air travel intervention fund, electricity input fund; the banks no longer lend them out to the sector that has to have it and at the required rate, which is sole digit. The banks loan them as ordinary commercial notes to the big cartels; the top investor concentration, therefore, starving the very people for whom the loan is intended like the SME’s (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises). Thus, no surprise the system is bleeding. No region can afford not to regulate. In Kenya, the central bank there manages the lending rates. We are not in support of that in Nigeria, but has it took place to you that the Federal Government of Nigeria is the biggest electrical generator of money, but it cannot control the rate at which money is lent. So installed the money in the traditional bank, and the bank deepens it back to the government at extremely high rates. In order to offer get back problem, the authorities through the Treasury Solitary Account, TSA is underfeeding yourself banks of liquid cash. That will not solve the problem, because the TSA funds are resting idle in the CBN vaults. What the federal government should have done is to tell banks that is our money. Our company is supplying it you, but your lending rates must be 3%. When the English government found that it was difficult to provide for school leavers, they set aside? 20 million, and picked four banking institutions to handle the process. They told the finance institutions that individuals cannot lend. You know how to obtain, but do not exceed 2%. That is how to stimulate the economy. The biggest challenge is financial pep up. Apart from that, the second big challenge we have is that we don’t have a body of monetary advisers. If you know any, you can inform me. The only body constitutionally recognized in Nigeria is the National Financial Council. They meet once in a while. That is a body that has absolutely no business in directing the affairs of the economy of area. Check out the composition- the Vp, all state governors, former presidents, etc. We need to have a Council of Economic Advisers made up of doyens and experienced men in econometrics, statisticians etc. They are the ones who plan the type of the economic system. The absence of this is part of the reason we certainly have low reasoned economical policy. We also need to be in a position in which the country’s monetary, fiscal and transact policies are clear. My spouse and i don’t understand how the Central Bank thinks that without printing dollars they can control the exchange rates. They simply aren’t. The Diaspora returns into Nigeria annually, to the tune of $20 million, where can it go? That is round tripped, because the CBN claims that they can regulate. In the event that you end up being the managing director of a bank, and I actually is buying forex at N200, and I notice that if I go out there I will sell at N400, Let myself do that.

Easily should learn to talk’ (1)

— 11th September 2016

By J. K. Randle

President Muhammadu Buhari has fired the first fuorch? by reminding us of the epochal event that changed the history of our country and re-configured the economic/social trajectory of our beloved nation on 27th August 1985. This individual was removed by his military colleagues in what was termed a “bloodless” coup d’etat (an clear contradiction in terms). Right here is the witness declaration:
“President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that having recently been removed from office on August 27, 1985 by the then Chief of Army Staff who later became military president, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, because he was planning to purge the military pecking order of corruption.
The Chief executive, who was the armed service head of state for 18 months, explained this during an exclusive interview with The Interview publication that senior military officers led by Babangida and General Aliyu Gusau, taking place a coup against him in August 1985 to save lots of themselves from his difficulty.
He said that Aliyu Gusau, who was the then Head of Army Intelligence was recommended for sack from the navy leadership.
Buhari said the reason he insisted on Gusau’s removal was because he did not want his anti-corruption war to appear one-sided.
He however explained that Gusau, Babangida and other officers teamed up and staged a coup, thereby ousting him from office.
The Chief executive spoke while reacting to a December 2015 interview by Babangida through which this individual (Babangida) said the program to remove Gusau had not do with the 85 coup.
Speaking on the 2016 budget fiasco, the President said he would ensure that such budget padding would never happen again.
While replying experts who accuse him of not having an monetary team, he asked: “What do they mean by team?
“The Vice-President mind our Economic Management Staff. You have a funding minister, a budget and planning minister; a ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of trade and industry and investment; a chief excutive of the Central Lender of Nigeria, a country wide monetary adviser and others and yet some individuals still ask for a team.
We will listen to every person but we are averse to economical groups whose private sector people frequently steer government plan to suit their own narrow interests rather than the overall national interest, ” Buhari declared. inch
Many had expected that General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida [IBB] who succeeded General Buhari would seize the occasion of his 75th Birthday on 17th August 2016 to provide a comprehensive react to the issues brought up by General Buhari.
Rather, IBB “stepped aside”!! However, he nuanced: “If We should commence to talk” That was plainly the meaning between the lines of the widely publicised interview he gave the press who turned up in good sized quantities to celebrate with him in the Hill-side residence in Minna, Niger State.

Eid-el-Kabir: Ambode urges patience, patriotism

— 11th September 2016

The Governor of Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Sunday called on Muslims in Nigeria to imbibe the beliefs of sacrifice and stamina as they join their counterparts worldwide to enjoy this year’s Eid-el-Kabir.

In his Sallah message authorized by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Habib Aruna, Governor Ambode said the period of the party is the one which calls for each and every Muslim and other Nigerians to embrace the tenets of sacrifice, patience, humbleness and brotherly love.

This individual explained that the importance of the season should be beyond the festivities, adding that it should be a moment to reveal on why God has united everyone with one common humanity of blood vessels, food and water as these should constitute what binds those.

He, therefore, called on Nigerians to rededicate themselves to a greater acceptance and internalization of the lessons of piety, faithfulness, dedication, guts, obedience, sacrifice and non selfish service which are for the benefit for mankind.

“As we celebrate this auspicious occasion, let us restore our faith in our nation and implore the Almighty God to bring back to us those values that place high premium on human life, love of neighbour and sharing even as we ventilate our faith in the unanimity of our dear country and the likelihood of her taking her place in the comity of nations”, the Governor said.

He said the existing monetary recession currently taking its toll on Nigerians was only a period that will pave way for a new beginning in the country, declaring the Federal Government is making steady efforts to salvage the situation.

“This period requires more endurance, fortitude, tolerance, endurance, patriotism and a greater motivation to make personal surrender for the favorable of all. The President Muhammadu Buhari administration remains focused on lead the nation in conquering its current monetary and developmental challenges. ”

Whilst wishing all Muslim littermates in the State a happy Eid-el-Kabir celebration, Chief of the servants Ambode expressed appreciation for the support given to his administration, urging all Lagosians to continue to embrace peaceful co-existence.

Male pilgrim in NDLEA net excretes six more gloves of cocaine

Male pilgrim in NDLEA net excretes six more gloves of cocaine
— eleventh September 2016

ONE week after she excreted seventy six pellets of drugs that tested positive to crack, Ms. Binuyo Basari Iyabo, a pilgrim who was recently arrested by the National Drug Law enforcement officials Organization (NDLEA) during the out screening of passengers with an Emirates flight from Abuja to Medina, through Syria, has excreted six more wraps of the pellets.
In a statement last week, NDLEA commander at the Abuja airport, Hamisu Musuh, said the woman would be prosecuted in collection with the anti-narcotics regulations of the country.
Musuh disclosed that the total number of wraps of cocaine expelled by the suspect while under remark was 82.
He said: “Ms. Binuyo Basari Iyabo while under observation removed 82 wraps of crack weighing 931 grammes. Most arrangements have been came to the conclusion for her prosecution. inch
Iyabo, 55, who lives in Kwara State, experienced told the NDLEA that she was lured into the crime because your woman needed money to increase her business.
Iyabo’s confessional statement to the NDLEA reads: “My sponsor offered to foot my bills to Saudi on pilgrimage. This was how I actually got involved in the act. I was thrilled until the issue of drugs was introduced. We wanted to decline but it was late.
“Besides, I was offered a million naira which My spouse and i accepted. I swallowed the drugs in Lagos and took a flight to Abuja on my way to Medina but We were caught in the process. “

How to Increase breast size naturally at home

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home

If you want to  increase breast size naturally at home and fast , you should know that there are ways to improve the look of your breasts without invasive plastic surgery. The key to making your breasts look fuller and shapelier is discovering the best self-care techniques, such as self-massage, proper diet, supplements and exercises. Today, we’re going to give you the hard facts that you need.

Once you’ve tried our breast growth tips, you’ll be ready to achieve the breast look that you want, without going under the knife or resorting to padded bras.

Consider Performing Self-Massage

This type of massage may be erotic or non-erotic. It’s really up to you whether you do it yourself or have an intimate partner do it for you. Massage is beneficial as it promotes more blood flow to the breasts. This blood flow may make the breasts look fuller, at least temporarily. Performing daily self-massage for at least twenty minutes will help you to get the full look that you like. When combined with other therapies on our list, self-massage will definitely contribute to overall improvement.

Learn about “Power Foods”

Some foods naturally contain estrogen, which is a hormone that plays a pivotal role in breast development. When you add estrogen-rich foods to your diet, your breasts may grow larger. Examples of foods which contain estrogen include soup which contains chicken, seeds of anise, soy-based food products (tofu and soy milk, to name just two), fruit, seeds of sunflowers and eggs. Also, sesame seeds are good sources of estrogen and so are flax seeds.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally at Home

Exercise Strengthens Pectoral Muscles

The muscles which are found underneath the breasts are a natural bra for breast tissue. When you perform the right exercises, you’ll tone and grow these muscles and your breasts will appear larger. Examples of exercises which are very beneficial to the pecs include rowing (with a rowing machine or in a real boat), dumbbell bench presses, push-ups and tricep dips.

These exercises are pretty simple to master. If you need help doing them, look for online video tutorials. Another strategy is to search for step-by-step instructions online or choose an exercise DVD which includes one or all of them. Taking a boot camp fitness class in your area will probably be a good way to strengthen your pecs and create a firmer, sexier bustline, as the military-style exercises performed during these classes often include push ups and other pec-boosting moves.

Even ten to fifteen minutes of “breast exercises” per day should be enough to give you improvements over time. By toning the muscles under and around your breasts, you’ll get a better breast look and results should become apparent within just a couple of weeks. You’ll need to keep doing the exercises over the long term in order to keep the look. However, such exercises are great for your whole body, as long as you practice correct form, so adding them to your lifestyle at least a few times per week will be good for your looks and your general health.

Think About Using Breast Supplements

There is an array of breast supplements on the market and most of them utilize natural active ingredients, such as botanical extracts, which spark production of estrogen. While we’ve already talked about the best ways to add more estrogen via food sources, you may also want to consider taking a supplement. When you do, you’ll know that making a real effort to get more estrogen.

Supplements don’t contain real or synthetic hormones. Instead, they contain ingredients which help the body to increase its own estrogen productions, so they are generally quite safe. It’s best to go for a best-selling formula which gets rave reviews from real-life customers. If a formula earns hundreds of five-star ratings, it’s probably going to work for you, too. So, always check product reviews before you order. Also, look for pure and organic ingredients. Try to stay away from formulas which are loaded with lab-created chemicals.

While you’re taking a breast growth supplement at home, you may notice a little soreness and tenderness in the breast area. This is normal and typically nothing toworry about. It’s actually a sign that something is happening with regard to breast growth. Discomfort should be mild if it happens at all.

You’ll need to be patient, as it will usually take several weeks before improvement is apparent. Take digital photos of your breasts in order to track your results. However, expect to play the waiting game. If you continue taking such supplements as directed, you should notice a change over time. Results vary, but it’s definitely possible to go up a cup size or even more when you choose a supplement which increases natural estrogen production. Estrogen is a very potent hormone.

Breast creams which contain the same active ingredients as supplements are also recommended. These creams may be utilized for self-massage and they are generally very pleasant to use, as they smell great, contain wonderful emollients and have silky-smooth textures. Choosing this type of cream will help you to make self-massage more productive, and such a cream may be utilized alongside supplements or alone. Some manufacturers offer pill/cream combos.

Start a New Regimen Today

Now is the right time to take action and create a new regimen which helps you to improve the look of your breasts. When you eat right, exercise, perform self-massage and take supplements (and/or use breast cream), you’ll really be covering all of the bases. If you do notice improvement, be sure to keep up with your regimen, as results from these treatments will last if you continue doing the right things.

Be sure to reward yourself with a pretty bra or form-fitting top once your breasts grow larger. You shouldn’t need to go for a padded style, as your breasts will be fuller and perkier. However, some women do love wearing padded bras in order to get an even fuller breast effect.

Hopefully, this guide has given you the hard facts that you need. If you want a complete step by step way to make your breasts bigger in only three weeks 100% naturally that already have helped  thousands of women around the world  , i really recommend you to check this website: www.naturalbreastpump.com/biggerboobs .


Watch Donald Trump With This New Bald Eagle


PERIOD magazine has just released an of Donald Overcome get attacked by a bald eagle named {Granddad|Dad|Grandfather} Sam during Time {Publication|Journal|Mag} shoot done earlier this year in the office.

“Uncle Sam” as the American eagle is known as, did not {appear|seem to be} to {such as the|just like the} Donald Overcome, hitting him on the head during a photoshoot. Later in the same shoot bald eagle {required|got|had taken} another go at Overcome while seated at his desk.

TIME had {previously|before} {recently|immediately|soon} named Donald Overcome as a runner-up.

Jesse Trump claimed in a tweet that the {publication|journal|mag} “would never pick” him and chose instead the person “who is {destroying|damaging|messing up} Germany”.


Check out the absolutely hilarious video below:

Who’s that girl? Justin Bieber Asks His Fans to help him identify mystery Instagram beauty



{Upon|About|In} Monday, Dec. 7, Mister. bieber posted a selfie {of the|of any|of your} mystery girl in hopes {that you|the particular one|that a person} of his 47. 1 million {fans|supporters|enthusiasts} can identify her. This individual captioned the “OMG, who is this?! {inch|inches}

His fans quickly remarked that it appears to be Canadian beauty blogger Cindy Kimberly, who has a habit of posting selfies on her Instagram {web page|webpage|site}. Cindy Kimberly has 104, 000 Instagram followers. {The girl|The lady|Your woman} also likes posting {lover|enthusiast|supporter} art drawings in addition to all of her selfies.

Does this mean that Justin and Cindy Kimberly will definitely get together? There’s little {question|uncertainty|hesitation} that this wouldn’t stop Bieber if he’s interested enough in this {guy|girl|boy}.